10 Benefits of Business Fibre Broadband

Find out how upgrading to fibre can enhance your business

Although fibre business broadband and consumer broadband both offer the end user an internet connection, there’s much more to each service than meets the eye.

Business broadband packages come with customer support, service level agreements, faster speeds, increased security and a static IP address whereas with consumer broadband, all you get is your standard connection.

However, there’s a number of business broadband options to choose from; from a basic ADSL through to ultrafast fibre. While many businesses are still using an ADSL broadband connection, there’s more internet upgrade options available than ever before.

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and is delivered via copper wires. Although plenty of small businesses can operate successfully with a basic internet connection, upgrading to fibre broadband could save you money and increase your productivity. Plus, upgrading to business fibre broadband is easier than you think.

Read our top ten reasons why you should be considering switching up your connection…

  1. Multiple Devices
    ADSL is perfect for basic web browsing and email, but if you want to get more out of your internet connection, business fibre broadband is the ideal solution. With fibre broadband, HD videos can be streamed easily, large files can be uploaded and downloaded quickly, and video calls can be held seamlessly. What’s more, you can do all of those things at the same time, increasing your overall productivity.
  2. Improved reliability
    Fibre is much stronger than ADSL thanks to the way it’s manufactured; ADSL runs over copper cables while fibre broadband runs over fibre-optic ones. Fibre is much stronger than copper and is less likely to surrender to inclement weather conditions, whereas copper can be damaged or stall your data should the weather hit hard.
  3. Cloud-capable connectivity
    Any cloud-based system needs a fibre broadband connection to work effectively and efficiently. It’s been estimated that 82% of businesses are using the cloud in some capacity. In order to utilise cloud-based services, such as storage solutions like Google Drive or hosted VoIP products without experiencing delays or dropped connections, it’s essential to have business fibre broadband.
  4. Increased productivity
    Research by Sandisk estimated that slow internet could cost each employee one working week every year of productivity. Fibre broadband offers faster internet speeds than ADSL, eliminating the possibility of your connection reducing productivity levels in your business. A good internet connection should improve productivity levels, not hinder them.
  5. Cost savings
    Initially, the cost of moving to business fibre broadband will probably be more expensive than sticking with an ADSL connection, but the long-term cost benefits of switching could be substantial. Having fibre broadband cuts your risk of internet downtime, meaning you’re less likely to lose money due to an unreliable connection. Fibre also allows you to open up your business to several cloud-based applications which have enormous potential to save you money.
  6. Increased bandwidth
    For businesses with greater data needs, it’s relatively easy to hit the limit on your ADSL bandwidth. ADSL has relatively low bandwidth whereas business fibre broadband packages have much higher bandwidth, allowing for video conferencing, VoIP calls and cloud storage solutions.
  7. Better signal strength
    Signal tends to degrade over copper wires, meaning if your business is further away from the local exchange then your connection could suffer. In comparison, fibre-optic wires don’t degrade as quickly over distance, meaning you’ll have a stronger, more stable connection over fibre than you ever would over ADSL.
  8. Speeds
    While ADSL packages have a download speed of up to 17 Mbps and an upload speed of 0.9 Mbps, business fibre broadband packages give you faster speeds, a quicker connection and enable you to run your business at a much more efficient rate, The top fibre business broadband package offers download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 48 Mbps, so it’s evidently clear how much more you can get should you decide to upgrade.
  9. Low latency
    As a result of increased reliability and increased speeds, fibre broadband also helps eliminate latency issues. Latency describes the delays that occur when you’re processing data over the internet. A service with low latency enables you to move to the cloud, download and upload without disruption and hold better quality VoIP calls.
  10. Resistance to interference
    Copper cables can be vulnerable to hackers and information thieves who use cable tapping methods. Not only that, copper is sensitive to electromagnetic interference which can be caused by heavy machinery being used in close range. Fibre is hardened to both threats, with security threats reduced and machinery interference unable to degrade or disrupt the fibre cables at the same rate.


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